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Mycelium Hearts

Ahsan Hakim is currently developping a project involving 7 mycellium hearts.

It centers around Youssef Zogheib and 6 of his friends losing a parent in the past few months : Christina-Maria Chikhany, Charbel Ghanem, Yara Issa el Khoury, Geroege Medlej, Jamie Nassar, Yara Yammine.

Ahsan Hakim created a mycellium heart for each parent and is in its final phases.

Each heart was created using mycellium, family pictures and eulogies from 7 the respective families who lost a member.

This project also aims at giving people who lost a loved one during the Covid pandemic a way to mourn at a time where funerals and family gatherings are obstrued, which are vital parts of mourning.

Mycelium Hearts: Image

Here is an in-progress video.

Mycelium Hearts: Video
Mycelium Hearts: Pro Gallery
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