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Mycelium Lungs

Fill a lung-shaped mold with mycelium.

Add pictures and objects that make it hard for you to breath.

Water it.

Water it again.

Store it in a place that's safe, dark and humid.

Water it.



Water it.


Take a breath. 

Take another one.

Let the mycelium mend the lungs.


Don't forget to breathe. 

Mycelium Lungs: Portfolio

Ahsan Hakim has undertaken two mycelium lungs projects.


400 million lungs

This work is an interpretation of mycelium lungs in times of Corona.
It is meant to serve as a ritual to gain patience through quarantine by growing and nurturting this pair of lungs made out of mycelium.
The paper that was added to the mycelium was a picture of the Earth, since it is suffering in its entirety from the pandemic.

Burnt Lungs

This project is meant to create an organic sobriety token to quit smoking cigarettes.
In fact this sculpture was made out of mycelium, cigaratte butts and emptied cigratte boxes.
It serves as a therapeutic object since it needs to be watered daily, which serves as a reminded to stay sober.


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Mycelium Lungs: Portfolio
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